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Arcus Real Estate’s respect for communities goes hand in hand with its commitment to its brand partners, who are closely supported during all project management phases and guaranteed constant attention thanks to a team of professionals headed.
Arcus Real Estate projects are the fruit of extraordinary team work, delivered with passion and determination by a group of experts with in-depth knowledge of the Italian and European markets, professionals who have been able to envisage and design outlet villages that are veritable “shopping destinations”. Our strength lies in our ability to offer our clients a unique shopping experience, devoting ensuring scrupulous attention to every aspect and phase of the project: from Leasing, enabling us to offer an excellent brand mix, to Retail, which serves our brand partners in every facet of the business; from Management, ensuring visitors always enjoy high standards of service, to Marketing, which takes care of all internal and external communications, and lastly, but fundamental for us, Tourism, where we are attracting an increasingly broad range of international visitors.

The expertise it has developed over the years and its capacity to anticipate trends and tailor proposals to the challenges of the market make Arcus Real Estate a leading operator in Italy and one of the key players in the international arena.


Arcus Real Estate is a company made up of individuals that are capable of understanding the market, anticipating its trends and working in the Italian context with an international vision.

Attention to detail, the sensitivity to interpret changes quickly, the ability to relate to all retail operators (from luxury retail to street retail) and investors and the extensive experience gained through to the numerous projects completed to date are all factors that fully embody Arcus Real Estate.

From brainstorming to development with the same meticulous attention to detail and to services in general, Arcus Real Estate is constantly committed to serving its partner brands and investors, ensuring the highest level of quality during each development phase and aiming to create value and growth for its clients via the shopping experience, which goes above and beyond a simple purchase.



  • Feasibility studies
  • Master plans
  • Development of design solutions
  • Executive plans
  • Infrastructure development


  • Definition of tenant mixes
  • Partnerships with luxury brands and category leaders
  • Asset/project analysis
  • Asset management and brand mix optimization


  • Center set-up and management
  • Facility management and procurement
  • Tenant coordination
  • Customer service management
  • Administrative management


  • Ensure the highest standards of image
  • Recruitment support to partner companies
  • Supervision and analysis of shop performance
  • Training and Mystery Shopping programs
  • Definition of promotional initiatives calendar


  • Marketing strategies
  • Media program and strategic planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • PR and events
  • Strategic analysis


  • Strategic B2B and B2C communication programs
  • Partnerships with tour operators, airlines and cruise lines
  • Local multilingual coverage
  • PR and B2B incentives
  • B2C transport

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